LinkedIn Lead Generation
for B2B Software.

A simple, effective and proven system to deliver qualified demos and trials.

Schedule New Software Demos.

Presell to beta users and gather feedback.

Invite prospects to free trials.

Follow up with trial users to ensure purchase.

Link Building
for SaaS SEO.

A powerful outreach program to build inbound links specifically for SaaS companies.

Target the right sites.

Build consistent inbound traffic.

Drive your search rank higher.

Convert more demos and trials.

Wanted to reach out and tell you that your system works! Going on two weeks and I’m just shy of 280 new (targeted) connections and at least 10 meetings booked, and I'm trying to close a $100k project I came across from your system.

Conversations with local brand heavyweights that I would never have any sort of communication with.

Making contact with the right people that would never happen over the phone.

Thanks again for your guidance and assistance.

Clay MuhlenkampSanta Ana, CA

“This approach is applicable both to “newbies” and “seasoned” marketers to build credibility, engage folks and ultimately leading to appointments, meetings and sales.

The program was a great success.”

Brian KwiatkowskiBoston, MA

"This program has taken the concept that we should be more visible on social media as a way to strategically connect with prospects and designed in a way to turn that into reality with a group of small business owners who previously were neophytes to the medium."

Dave MyklebustDublin, OH

Meet Your SaaS Marketing Team

Smart. Driven. Focused. Experienced.

Andy Halko

Founder / Speaker

Tony Zayas

Chief Link Officer / Speaker

Matt Benedetti

Content Marketing Manager

Marissa Jansen

Success Manager

Katy Halko

Success Manager

Owen McCafferty

Strategist & Project Manager

Karl Espiritu

Connection Manager

Rasha Uthman

Strategic Marketing Coordinator

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