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Every month we provide a live class diving deep into the tools, processes, techniques, and approaches to master sales in a digital world.


Each month get on a call with one of our trainers to help discuss your specific sales challenges and opportunities.

Get access to the live classes, recordings of past classes, exclusive content, and 1 hour per month of one-on-one coaching.

Only $299 per month.

What are some of the topics covered?

  • Utilizing CRMs and integrating them into your other tools and processes.
  • Innovative sales tools for prospecting, nurturing, and closing.
  • Working with and integrating with marketing.

Who is the lead trainer?

Tony has delivered over 500 seminars, lectures and business-building workshops over the last 15 years as a marketing strategist, seminar instructor and sales trainer. He was named as an inaugural winner of Smart Business Magazine’s Social Media Impact Awards for the Large Companies category.


LinkedIn Marketing Tips

We’ve compiled a list of LinkedIn marketing tips that you can pin and share.

Viral Marketing

Your Viral Contagion: Take Back Your Brand’s Positioning Online

Ignoring social media in terms of marketing is a bad idea. Social media offers incredible opportunities to position your brand. Learn how to create a brand and message that spreads.


How the Best Sales People Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just for job seekers and recruiters. With LinkedIn, you can reach the right people, build strong bonds, and make more sales.

Social Prospecting

The Best Practices for Social Prospecting

While there is no definite best practice of social prospecting, here are some pointers that are sure to impress right out of the gate.

Connection Nurturing

The Golden Rule of Successful Social Selling

What is the golden rule of successful social selling? Find out how to invest in stronger bonds and create lasting relationships.

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