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Audience Targeting Ongoing audience planning to target and segment specific individuals on LinkedIn.
Message Development Our message strategy is proven and only improves as we test campaigns.
Connection Campaigns Reach the right people with the right introduction messages that get people to act.
Referral Campaigns Segment your existing connections and send relevant referral requests that drive new opportunities.
Managed LinkedIn Inbox We understand your objectives, goals, offerings, voice and tone to manage your inbox and handle replies to nurture prospects.
Profile Optimization Optimize your LinkedIn profile to establish credibility and appear in the right searches.
Email Outreach Automated email follow-up with prospects from LinkedIn to improve response and win rates.
Content Sharing Stay top-of-mind by sharing valuable, relevant content in your network's newsfeed.
Promoted Posts Promoted post advertising shows relevant content in the feed of your connection request audience.
Squeeze Page Create an actionable page to drive prospects to with proven methods to push them into your funnel.
Showcase Page We'll build out and update your company showcase page to put your company's best foot forward and differentiate you versus the competition.
"Frictionless" Digital Selling Class & Coaching Our trainers hold monthly classes and weekly tutorials on how to master selling in the digital age.

Our training and coaching program is $299/month but included free for all our lead generation packages.
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